Dear Rhonda L…

@RenewedRonda @BigGayReverend If your happiness is condoning a sin, then he should be happy if we murder, practice witchcraft, etc. (Gal. 5:16) Sin is Sin Dear Rhonda L, I am so glad that you contacted me so that I may enlighten you to the Scripture which you speak of, Galations 5:16: Galations 5:16 I say […]

If Leviticus is Right Big Macs Are a Sin

There are two Old Testament Scriptures that are commonly used as a weapon against the LGBT community and are held up by religiously bastardized bigots as proof that “God hates gays.” First off, God doesn’t hate any of His/Her creations, why would s/he create every person to be unique only to have part of what […]

Rebutting Romans in 140 Characters or Less

Rebutting Scriptural arguments is best done with Scripture itself, the one thing that a religiously motivated bigot can’t hide from is the words that they use against us. The ONLY explicit mention of homosexuality in any form in the New Testament is in the book of Romans. Notice that I do not cite a specific […]