3 Classy & Fabulous Dinner Guests

One of the most cliche ice breakers for anyone in a philosophic mood is “if you could have dinner with three people, who would they be and why?” I would like to pose my answer to a more contemporary – ehm queer – version of this same question; “if you could have a drink with […]

If Leviticus is Right Big Macs Are a Sin

There are two Old Testament Scriptures that are commonly used as a weapon against the LGBT community and are held up by religiously bastardized bigots as proof that “God hates gays.” First off, God doesn’t hate any of His/Her creations, why would s/he create every person to be unique only to have part of what […]

Jonah & That Big Gay Whale

Common in children’s Sunday School classes, the story of Jonah gets far less mention than it really deserves. Not only was Jonah a prophet, he was born very close to the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and was for all intensive purposes, not an active part of this world for three days, much like Christ. It’s […]